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What Is Tarot?
By Geraldine Amaral

"Certainly anyone who is seeking spiritual understanding has heard of the tarot. But what is it? Perhaps the tarot is best described as an initiation into a secret metaphorical language - a language that leads each of us to our own spiritual center."
(From the Rohrig Tarot Book by Carl Rohrig)


A wordless language

A bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind

An oracle

A "language" of the unconscious mind

A storage device of ancient and esoteric teachings

A tool for creative visualization

A "window" to, or mirror, of the psyche

A tool for developing psychic ability

A conduit to the unconscious

A tool for personal transformation

An encyclopedia of esoteric wisdom

An encyclopedia of universal symbols, myths, legends, philosophies

A pictorial description of the journey of humankind (both earthly and spiritual journey)

A tool for introspection and self-understanding

A visual expression of Carl Jung’s archetypes

A metaphor for life

A step-by-step guide to the process of individuation

A tool for accessing inner wisdom

A means of communicating with the wisdom of the unconscious mind

A means of receiving guidance, both spiritual and worldly

A system of Self-transformation

Above all, the Tarot deck is a symbolic system that allows 
you to gain more clarity and more personal power.


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