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Spiritual Tarot Readings  

(CD Recording) 

By Appointment

Readings are conducted at the

Arlington Metaphysical Chapel
5618 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22205

Please call for availability:
or email  


NOTE: There are a very limited number of reading appointments available. 

What is a Spiritual Tarot Reading?

** Spiritual Tarot is is a unique and powerful process that puts your life where it belongs - back into your OWN hands

** Spiritual Tarot is based on the belief that our minds are a vast resource of wisdom and personal power.

** Spiritual Tarot provides

symbols that impact the psyche, affecting you energetically and at cellular levels.

 In this session, you will discover exactly which symbols will allow you to make the energetic shifts you desire.

**Spiritual Tarot is an interactive exchange in which I, as the Reader act as your "midwife," aiding you in giving "birth" to your own inner wisdom and guidance.

In this collaborative process, you bring your questions and concerns and I bring my intuitive abilities that combine with my understanding of the cards, my training and experience.

In Spiritual Tarot, you will receive your own personalized affirmation and action step designed to help you take the power back into your own life. The cards will help you identify your questions, challenges and the gifts coming your way through forces of cosmic synchronicity.

If you want a "quick-fix" fortune-telling session, this is probably NOT for you, but if you if you want to be proactive in shaping your life path, please call me.

Limited number of readings available, call AMC at 703-276-8738 or email info@arlingtonmeta.org.  


You can see directions to the Chapel HERE.




This is not your ladies afternoon tea and tarot reading!

Geraldine offers a very different tarot reading that you might get elsewhere.  It is not about telling you what is going to happen to you in the future, but more about directing you to what you want to happen in the future.

This is a spiritual reading, that helps guide you and direct you towards your goals.  It captures you energy and focuses you on what you need to do to get you to your goals.

If you want to find out when you are going to find the mate of your dreams, this is not the tarot reader for you.  But if you need to get focused on some important aspects of your life, then this is the tarot reading for you!
William Hopper, Washington, DC.


Everyone who I have brought to you for an Empowerment Reading has left with an uplifted spirit and a sense of focus, direction and increased knowledge and sense of self.  I get great pleasure in sharing something that does that and we owe it all to your insights, talent and sensitivity.  Thank you back doubly.
P. W.










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